List of Keanu Reeves Movies That Were “Flop”

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By Black Widow

Keanu Reeves, known for his success with franchises like John Wick and The Matrix, has also faced box office disappointments.

Despite his iconic roles, not all of his films have achieved financial success. With nearly four decades in the industry, Reeves’ diverse filmography includes both hits and misses.

10. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Based on a dated novel, this 1993 film struggled to captivate audiences, grossing less than its $8.5 million budget. Both Reeves and co-star Uma Thurman moved on to bigger hits, leaving this movie largely forgotten.

9. Tune In Tomorrow

Amid a sea of successful romantic comedies, this film failed to stand out and only recouped a fraction of its $11 million budget. Released shortly after Reeves’ big break, it couldn’t compete with stronger romantic offerings.

8. Henry’s Crime

Despite mixed reviews, this action thriller fell short at the box office, making just over $2 million against its $12 million budget. The lack of unique appeal and competition contributed to its financial struggle.

7. Freaked

While receiving positive feedback, Freaked’s limited screenings led to meager box office earnings of under $30,000 against a $12 million budget. The film’s chaotic production didn’t help its commercial prospects.

6. Bill & Ted Face The Music

Despite the hype surrounding its return, the third installment in the Bill & Ted franchise faced disappointment, earning just $6.3 million against a $25 million budget. The nostalgia factor wasn’t enough to reignite the franchise’s success.

5. Man Of Tai Chi

This film, released in a competitive box office climate, struggled to attract audiences, making only $5.5 million against a $25 million budget. Its R rating and strong competition contributed to its downfall.

4. Replicas

In contrast to Reeves’ successful decade, this film failed to leave an impact. Released after John Wick 2, Replicas earned a fraction of its $30 million budget, facing poor advertising and critical reception.

3. The SpongeBob Movie

Sponge On The Run: Facing the challenges of COVID-19-related delays, this film’s box office performance was marred. Despite a budget of $60 million, it made just $4.8 million, which doesn’t fully reflect its potential under normal circumstances.

2. 47 Ronin

A significant disappointment in Reeves’ career, this 2013 film had a budget of $175 million but only managed to gross slightly over $150 million. Competing in a crowded box office and a weak marketing campaign contributed to its failure.

1. The Matrix Resurrections

While the original Matrix trilogy was a hit, the attempt to revive the franchise in 2021 fell short. Despite a budget of $190 million, The Matrix Resurrections made under $160 million and became the only film in the series to incur a loss. The film’s release during remake fatigue played a role in its underwhelming performance.

Keanu Reeves’ box office journey has been a mix of triumphs and failures. Despite his iconic status, not all his films have resonated with audiences commercially.

Various factors, from dated content to tough competition, have contributed to these financial disappointments.