“Based On A True Story” Falls Short on Plot Development

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By Black Widow

“Based on a True Story,” a new Peacock series fails to hook viewers with its plot!

Clumsy Plot and Nonsensical Twists in Based On A True Story

“Based On A True Story” disappoints viewers with its clumsy plot. It is about a married couple teaming up with their eccentric plumber to create a podcast. 

While the initial premise holds promise, the subsequent episodes’ scheming becomes progressively nonsensical. The narrative fails to deliver a compelling examination of true crime or a satirical take on its aficionados.

Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina in Based on a True Story

Mild Entertainment with Standout Performances

Despite its shortcomings, “Based On A True Story” manages to provide mild entertainment, thanks in large part to the performances of Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina.

Cuoco portrays pregnant realtor Ava, while Messina embodies former tennis player Nathan Bartlett. Their characters’ marital and financial woes, coupled with the impending arrival of their baby, add some tension to the storyline.

Podcasting Plans and Ethical Compromises

Tom Bateman in Peacock’s “Based on a True Story”PEACOCK

Ava, consumed by an unhealthy obsession with true crime, proposes the idea of investigating a serial killer known as The Westside Ripper through a podcast. The couple hopes to reinvigorate their marriage and generate income, even if it means compromising their morals. They enlist the help of Matt, their plumber and Nathan’s friend, due to his passion for the subject matter.

Tensions and Clashes within the Group of Based On A True Story

As the story progresses, tensions arise between the couple and Matt. Ava’s traditional approach clashes with Matt’s inventive ideas to elevate the audio format. The narrative focuses more on their differing perspectives than on the multiple deaths occurring around them. Unfortunately, Tom Bateman’s one-note performance as Matt becomes tiresome, while Cuoco and Messina shine with their charismatic portrayals.

Neglected True Crime Podcasting and Story Development

Despite the show’s premise, “Based On A True Story” fails to capitalize on its potential as a true crime podcast-focused series. The audience never gets to hear the podcast content itself, and the show’s meta-commentary on popularity and celebrity endorsements feels disjointed. The storytelling lacks efficiency and fails to evolve the narrative effectively.

“Based On A True Story” falls short in plot development, with nonsensical twists and a lack of focus on the true crime podcast angle. However, the performances of Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina add charm to the show. The series struggles to find its footing, leaving viewers craving a more cohesive and engaging storyline.