Megan Fox Fires Back at Accusations of Child Abuse by Robby Starbuck

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By Black Widow

Actress Megan Fox has strongly responded to accusations made by former Congressional candidate Robby Starbuck. Stay tuned to know more.

Robby claimed that the actress forces her kids to wear girls’ clothes, labeling it as child abuse. Fox, known for her role in “Jennifer’s Body,” took to Instagram to address the allegations.

Megan Fox Rejecting Attention for a Teachable Moment

Megan Fox With Her Ex-Husband, Brian Austin Green and kids

In her Instagram post, Fox acknowledged Starbuck’s clout-chasing behavior but expressed her reluctance to give him attention. However, she seized the opportunity to educate him on the importance of never using children as leverage or social currency, especially when based on malevolent and erroneous pretenses.

Placing Accuser on the “Wrong Side of the Universe”

Continuing her response, Fox firmly stated that Starbuck’s actions had positioned him on the “wrong side of the universe.” This powerful metaphor emphasized the moral implications of exploiting children and highlighted Fox’s role as a protective mother advocating for her children’s well-being.

Defiance in the Face of Adversity

Megan Fox With Her Ex-Husband, Brian Austin Green

Asserting her resilience, Fox revealed that she has encountered similar attacks from insecure, narcissistic individuals in the past, but emphasized that she remains undeterred. This statement showcased her strength and determination to persevere despite facing unwarranted criticism.

Megan Fox Sending Final Warning

In a final blow, Fox sent a strong message to Starbuck, stating, “You f–ked with the wrong witch.” This sharp warning symbolized her unwavering resolve and conveyed her belief in her own power and ability to confront any challenge.