Tom Holland’s Most Hilarious Instagram Videos

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By FilMonger

Tom Holland has grown to become one of the most desired actors of Hollywood. As much as fans love to see him on-screen, they are equally intrigued about his personal life.

Most celebrities use social media to interact with fans and often give them a glimpse of their lives when they aren’t in front of a camera in a set. And, over the years, Instagram has become the go-to platform for our favorite stars.

He goes by the handle tomhalland2013 on Instagram, where he’s being followed by over 58.6 million accounts.

Tom has an active account on Twitter too where he mostly shares updates related to his movies and other projects.Tom may not be active on TikTok, but he has plenty to offer fans and followers on other platforms.

Some of Tom’s original videos got migrated to TikTok, which are now available to view under the handle ‘tomholland1996’. Although the videos belong to Tom, he doesn’t technically have a TikTok that was created by him or he is active on.