Tom Holland And Zendaya Working Out Videos

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By FilMonger

Despite what you may have thought, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man workout and diet plan was anything but child’s play. The British actor had to put in some serious work to prepare for the role, work which saw him gain 7kg of lean muscle mass in six weeks!

Okay, before we dive into this, I want to remind you all of two things. 🙂

One, Zendaya is pretty young. She can get away with a lot of treats and a less-than-perfect diet. I know, I know, it isn’t fair. 🙂

But unlike other beefed-up superheroes, Spider-Man is known for his athletic, mobile physique similar to that of a swimmer or gymnast. Because of this, mobility is as important as muscle for actors who don the red and blue ‘Spidey suit’.

Zendaya is an ectomorph body type. Basically, this means that her body is naturally slim and that she struggles to gain weight and muscles. It also means that she can eat a lot of carbs. Again, she’s pretty lucky!Zendaya became a vegetarian at 9 years old according to The Beet. However, she likes to joke that she tolerates vegetables, but she’d much rather have a pizza.

So if you want to build a shredded athletic figure like Tom Holland’s body, you need an explosive fitness regime to match.