Batman Behind The Scene

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By Scarlet Witch

Learn how the darkest character of the DC Universe, Batman was cinematographed.

Batman made it to theaters quite a while, but what still shock the audience was the art of cinematography used to bring out the character.

Greig Fraser the Aussie cinematographer shares about the challenges he faced while presenting a character who is dressed in black from head to toe roaming around in the city which is dark even in broad daylight.

Greig has worked on multiple big projects including Dune, Lion, Zero Dark Thirty, and more but he says “It was the biggest lighting challenge of my career” for The Batman.

batman behind the scene

Greig Fraser says ‘It was a very tricky line to walk’ while filming The Batman

batman behind the scene

Greig says that he was not sure how he will make the audience watch a film for 2.5 hours that are so oppressively dark. Initially, he felt that it won’t be possible but eventually, he found the right balance between light and dark.

He questioned the team “How do we light his eyes without lighting the cowl?” Greig says “Every frame in The Batman is teetering on the edge of unreadability and on the edge of being too light. It was a really tricky line to walk.”

The Setting of Different Camera Angles and 3D in Batman

Matt Reeves and Greig Fraser had all the sets modeled in 3D and viewable in virtual reality to make decisions on blocking, camera position, and lighting.