Leaked Post-Credit Scene from The Flash? George Clooney Will Play Batman in the Ezra Miller-Starring Film, While Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Will Make a Cameo Appearance as a Dog

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As The Flash prepares for release, rumors suggest that George Clooney and Jason Momoa will make an unusual cameo appearance. The superhero movie is directed by Andy Muschietti and written by Christina Hodson.

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is The Flash from the DC Universe. The movie is set to introduce new heroes and include well-known characters to change the DC multiverse.

Jason Momoa's Aquaman making a cameo appearance in The Flash

In the movie, Barry Allen tries to modify a specific incident in the past in the movie. But his actions are set to have an impact on what will happen later.

However, if rumors are to be believed, the movie has a special cameo from Jason Momoa and George Clooney. Scroll down to learn more.

Movie-related Scoops Straight from Twitter

Batman and The Flash

According to the reliable superhero movie scooping Twitter account CanWeGetSomeToast, the upcoming superhero movie “The Flash” features a scene where Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) runs into Bruce Wayne (George Clooney), mistaking the rich playboy for the Caped Crusader.

The Little Tease Of Barry And Aquaman

The Flash’s post-credits sequence is rumored to have Barry and Aquaman (Jason Momoa). The scene will show Barry making a subtle joke about Aquaman’s look as a dog from the parallel reality where the Michael Keaton version of Batman lives.

It is also important to note that DC Studios has not officially responded to the rumor. So for the time being, the rumor should be treated with caution.

Despite this, viewers may continue to anticipate at least one post-credits scene in The Flash. This was partly questioned when many viewers of the DC Universe epic complained that there wasn’t any post-credits bonus content.

The Flash’s producer, Barbara Muschietti, has subsequently declared that a post-credits scene would be featured in the movie. She is also certain that it will satisfy the demands of DC fans.

Muschietti said:

“We can’t say anything since they are all fantastic surprises, and we are sure they won’t disappoint us.”