Controversies And Allegations About Ezra Miller: Everything You Need To Know

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Ezra Miller, the star of The Flash from DC Universe, has been the subject of debate recently as a result of many criminal accusations. Here’s everything you need to know.

Miller’s controversies included criminal charges and accusations of behavior that put women and children in danger.

While Hollywood celebrities frequently receive bad press because of drama in their personal lives, Miller’s controversies sparked a great deal of outrage on social media. It includes calls for Miller to be fired from The Flash before its premiere.

This article attempts to set the facts straight and clarify the divergent accounts surrounding Ezra Miller’s numerous disputes. That’s because the truth of what transpired in many of these incidents is complex and unclear.

The Choking Video

On April 6, 2020, a seven-second video with little external information regarding the occasions preceding or following the meeting first surfaced. The other parties finally gave their side of the tale, but not before Miller made news for other things like harassment and assault accusations. It made people think the Icelandic video was merely a fad for the actor.

Ezra Miller choking video

At the beginning of the video, as the woman approaches to Miller, Miller says to her

“did you want to fight, is that what you want to do?”

She seemed to be having fun as she approaches Miller in two steps while flailing her arms. Miller pulls the lady back against a neighboring car, grips her neck and then pivots, dropping the woman to the ground. It’s hard to discern the exact grip since she’s wearing a turtleneck sweater.

The woman in the video provided more context in 2022. The woman said:

“it was just a joke, obviously”

According to her, Miller didn’t follow her outside at first until one of her friends made fun of them for not wanting to fight, which is what is shown in the video. According to her Miller was yelling following the incidents captured on camera:

“This is what you wanted! This is what you wanted!”

She then proceeds to say

“I think it’s just fun and games — but then it wasn’t”

It might explain why nobody appears concerned in the video until Miller throws the woman to the ground. The woman didn’t file charges and there were no injuries recorded. Although the woman and her friends acknowledge starting the interaction, the actor’s response further escalates the situation.

First Hawaii Arrest of Ezra Miller for Disorderly Conduct and Harassment

On March 28, 2022, Miller was detained for the first time in Hawaii in Hilo. Miller apparently grew irritated when other customers were singing karaoke. He snatched the microphone away from the singer and subsequently “lunged” at a man playing darts. Following the event, Miller was accused of disorderly conduct and harassment.

A little more information was given by the arrest’s body camera footage, which also featured remarks from Miller and another customer who weren’t in the official police report. Miller, a Jewish man, claims in the video that the man assaulted him and “declared himself a Nazi.”

The man he was talking about is shown to ask the police..

“If you guys don’t light ‘em up, I’m gonna light ‘em up.”

Miller was detained but later freed on $500 bond. Miller entered a not guilty plea to the allegation of disorderly behavior, and the harassment charge was withdrawn.

The Second Second-Degree Assault Arrest of Ezra Miller in Hawaii

Miller was arrested again in Hawaii three weeks later, on April 19, 2022. Police were called to a reported assault during a “get-together at a private residence” in Puna, Hawaii.

Ezra Miller as The Flash

Miller was discovered on the road during a traffic stop, which led to his arrest for assault in the second degree. But he was subsequently freed without being charged. Although an investigation is allegedly ongoing, there have been no more developments after Miller’s release.

Their Vermont farm’s unsafe environment for children

Additional allegations regarding Miller were made in a June 2022 Rolling Stone article, which claimed that Miller was sheltering a lady and her children in a “unsafe environment.” The children’s father said, “unattended guns strewn around the home” and that one of the kids “allegedly picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.”

The mother of the children is also mentioned in the report. She claims that Miller assisted her in escaping a “abusive and violent ex and helped me finally… have a safe environment for my three very young children.” She disputes the claim that the kids were around any guns.

The lawsuit was dismissed since neither party showed up in court and the father disputes the domestic violence allegations.

Can Ezra Miller’s Image Be Repaired Following The Flash?

Miller gave a succinct justification and apology for their actions in August 2022.

“Having recently gone through a time of intense crisis, I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment. I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior. I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

The actual truth of many of these occurrences may never be revealed at this time, making it a lose-lose situation. Thus, the victims won’t receive enough restitution.

Ezra Miller as The Flash

Even if Miller is found not guilty, his image will still be tarnished by the numerous accusations. It’s also very feasible that parts of both versions of the narrative are true. Various degrees of exaggeration or context omission might be included in the allegations against Miller. But Miller’s actions could have also resulted in actual injury.