Chris Hemsworth Admits He Is “Sick Of Playing Thor”

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By Batman

Chris Hemsworth opens up on his portrayal of The God of Thunder and his future in the MCU!

Chris Hemsworth became an overnight sensation back in 2011 by playing Thor. After that Thor appeared in several storylines, becoming a character with the most intricate stories in the MCU.

Due to this, Hemsworth has had to revamp and grow with this character every few years and with each movie. Since he has been prominently featured in all 4 Avengers movie, not to mention 4 movies which explore his character’s journey alone, Hemsworth has said “he has been thinking about hanging up his hammer for a while now.”

Chris Hemsworth as Thor: The God of Thunder

While attempting to grow with the character has proven to be a challenge for the actor, he stated that he has gotten bored of the character.

Chris Hemsworth feels that in order to reprise his role as Thor, MCU needs to offer something challenging like Thor: Ragnarok. But if the franchise fails to do so, his character would just become repetitive. The franchise might also lose the audience they have worked so hard to get.

Hemsworth believes that the next movies should be more grounded and focus on the storyline rather than the spectacle. It’s one of the problems that Marvel’s latest series of productions (phase 4) is facing with CGI that attempts to make up for the subpar storytelling.

Chris Hemsworth

While there have been some exceptions but one cannot deny that Marvel is stuck in a creative rut after Avengers: Endgame. So, when the God of Thunder makes a point, you listen to him.