Black Manta’s Black Trident in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom – Origins and Implications

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By Bruce Wayne

In the upcoming movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Black Manta, one of Aquaman’s iconic arch-enemies, is poised to wield a black trident. This new addition to his arsenal has piqued the curiosity of fans, leaving them wondering about its origins and significance in the film’s storyline.

Possible Origins of the Black Trident

The trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom offers a glimpse of Black Manta brandishing a black trident in a battle against Aquaman. There are several potential explanations for how he obtained this formidable weapon.

Triton’s Trident Connection

One theory links the black trident to Triton, a character associated with Poseidon and Amphitrite in DC Comics. Triton, like Aquaman, wields a trident. In some comic interpretations, Triton’s trident is depicted as darker in appearance, which could be relevant to the film. It’s conceivable that Black Manta encounters Triton, possibly interrogating him for information about Aquaman. During this encounter, he may seize Triton’s black trident, considering it a valuable addition to his arsenal for confronting Aquaman.

Black Manta’s Ingenious Creation

David Kane, who becomes Black Manta, is portrayed as a ruthless pirate and a tech genius. In the first Aquaman movie, he constructs his Black Manta suit using Atlantean technology, incorporating advanced weaponry like lasers and blades made from Atlantean steel. This expertise in technology and innovation opens up the possibility that Black Manta may have crafted his black trident himself, using the same Atlantean alloy he used for his suit’s weaponry. In his quest for revenge against Aquaman, he could see creating his trident as a strategic advantage.

Comparing Black Manta’s Trident to Aquaman’s

While it’s challenging to gauge the black trident’s exact power compared to Aquaman’s Trident of Atlan, the latter is revered for its capabilities. Arthur’s trident is associated with his claim to the Atlantean throne and possesses formidable combat abilities. In Aquaman, Arthur shatters the trident wielded by Orm during their epic battle, highlighting its immense power.

Nonetheless, Black Manta’s combat skills and the potential origins of his trident suggest that it shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether it’s stolen from Triton or created by Black Manta himself, this weapon is poised to offer him a significant advantage in his relentless pursuit of revenge against Aquaman.

The introduction of Black Manta’s black trident adds intrigue to the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Its origins, whether tied to Triton or created by Black Manta, hold significance in shaping the character’s narrative and enhancing his threat level. As fans eagerly await the movie’s release, the dynamic clash between Aquaman and Black Manta promises to be a thrilling centerpiece of the film.