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Scarlett Johansson is one of the most popular actresses of the last several years, but there are still many juicy facts about the star that may surprise even Johansson’s biggest fans. From her ambition to play a Disney princess to the aftermath of a painful lap dance, here are some of the little-known facts about Scarlett that I will be sharing with you while we watch behind the scenes from her upcoming Marvel movie Black widow

Scarlett Johansson obviously takes her work seriously. In order to prepare for her role in the 2003 drama Lost in Translation, which is set in Tokyo, she spent time living on Japan’s Hokkaido island.

As grown up and sophisticated as she may appear, Johansson seems to be a little girl at heart. She loved the movie Frozen and dreams of playing a Disney princess in a similar musical.

Johansson was extremely serious about acting right from the beginning, and as a kid, she used to make herself cry while she stared into a mirror. That’s some dedication right there.

Despite her dedication, Johansson also got used to rejection. When she was seven, she was disappointed to find out that a talent agent had signed her twin brother, but not her. Later, in 2003, she also applied to New York University but was also rejected. Both of these times Scarlett didn’t let rejection stop her dream of becoming an actress.

Johansson has publicly stated that she is no fan of her “ScarJo” nickname. She thinks it sounds “violent,” and it reminds her too much of pop star nicknames.

Johansson’s mother, Melanie, was once her manager. While Johansson once defended her choice despite people’s skepticism, in 2009, Johansson fired Sloan. Just a little bit awkward.

Despite all this fame and her tremendous work, the worst fact and weird stuff that keeps happening to Scarlett is “Journalists creepy approach to her” there have been times where interviewers tot it was ok to ask scarlet about her undergarments and touch her private parts publicly.