Marvel Cast Doing Crazy Things To Promote MCU Films | 2020

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By FilMonger

This Marvel press tour is exceptionally special because it may be the last go around for some of the original cast members we’ve come to know and love over the last 11 years. 

As speculation about character deaths and expiring actor contracts looms over the future of the MCU, the press rounds are already starting to look like a big party for all the graduating seniors!

As for the remaining living Avengers, it’s certainly a different environment during the time of promotions. The gang is enjoying each other’s company, but Marvel Studios is making sure no one forgets, not even the cast members, that half of their friends are gone. 

The stage has set for all the current cast members and directors to answer questions, but there are also empty chairs set up to remind everyone of all of the heroes that perished in Infinity War.

Perhaps a better use of the remaining Avengers assembled is to feature them in funny skits that really give away nothing about Endgame. At least, this is what the team at Jimmy Kimmel Live! figured.

 Instead of answering probing questions about the finale to come, the Avengers cast read from the children’s book version of Infinity War called The Mad Titan Thanos. Though this reading gave us no new information, it sure was funny.

The press tour is always in full swing. Now, these are some of the things that Marvel actors need to do apart from filming the movie and I sure think they enjoy it a lot.