Bloom the Laughs in the Gloomy World of Wednesday in Behind the Scenes

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By Jean Grey

Breaking the previous records and accumulating millions of watch hours Wednesday series is a full rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and entertainment. Along the way of filing for this series, we get a glimpse behind the scenes and see what it was like filming for the series in the nostalgia behind it. So let’s go ahead and jump into it.

Wednesday series has created a line of entertainment in the horror and comedy genre. Based on the character of Wednesday Addams by Charles Addams played by Jenna Ortega.  We are so used to seeing these characters and their setting of being at home or on their own adventures but ringing these personalities true to life and maybe somewhat odd characters and putting them in a normal setting like an academy we get to relate to the atoms in a whole new way.

Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Miller this series serves us Wednesday Addams who happens to be on a mission to solve a murder mystery at her new school. Four out of eight episodes were actually created by Tim Burton who serves as an executive producer.

Initially, the film was actually planned to be a stop-motion animation a technique used in films where the objects are manipulated in small sections and are placed in individually photographed frames. But giving it a realistic touch gave an enhancing effect for the character of Wednesday.

In the BTS you can see how Jenna and her co-actors are preparing for a significant dance that made the Wednesday character worldwide recognition along with some stunts that were performed in the movie. Wednesday being a horror series speaks the opposite in the BTS video!

Jenna Ortega and her killer dance moves might not be graceful but it surely gives us the odd and eerie vibe. Jenna herself has choreographed the bizarre dance moves and the character she is playing goes well along with it.

I actually felt really insecure about that, I choreographed that myself and I think its very obvious that I am not a dancer and Tim completely trusted me and never questioned me at all, which was nice but also scary.

-Jenna Ortega

The BTS also shows some interesting moments captured during the time of shooting the film Wednesday that might give chills first when you look at it but are essentially very fascinating and mind-blowing. While looking at the actual BTS shot it will be funnier than the horrifying effect it gives in the movie!

To catch up with more of these funny, yet noteworthy shots for Wednesday hop on to the BTS video I’m dropping below.q

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