Brennan Elliott Celebrates 12th Anniversary with Camilla Row, Calling It the ‘Greatest Gift’ in A Sweet 12th Anniversary Post

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By Wanda

Brennan Elliott (47), known for his role in The Gift of Peace, reflected on his 12-year marriage to wife Camilla Row. He shared heartfelt Instagram posts to celebrate their anniversary, acknowledging the strength of their enduring love and praising her for being “fearless” throughout their journey together. He mentioned how their love “has stood firm and fought on” through it all.

To say we have been thru many lifetimes together would be an understatement.

9/10/11 will always be THAT SPECIAL day! Before u i never knew what true love was.

It’s more than a feeling, it’s a commitment to fight thru everything life throws at you and u never give up on love!

Elliott wrote about his wife along with a picture from them smiling on their wedding day.

Being by your side going on life’s journey together has been the greatest gift and I would never want to be joined at the hip with anyone else.

There have been bright moments and yes very very painful and dark ones but our love has stood firm and fought on, and will never quit or give in!

I have never seen a more stronger and fearless example of determination and Hope than in you these last 8 years or so,

he added.

In his Instagram posts, Brennan Elliott affectionately referred to his wife, Camilla Row, as his “warrior queen” and “idol.” He also expressed anticipation for their future together, describing their marriage as the “ride of a lifetime.”

I know in my heart the lord will bless us with decades more of HEALTH and HAPPINESS and nobody deserves that more than you.

THANK YOU for saying yes to this prairie boy and always know I will never leave your side,

he concluded.

In another Instagram post, Brennan Elliott shared a selfie of himself giving Camilla Row a warm hug.

THANK YOU for the best years of my life!

Here’s to many many many more! #warriorqueen,

he captioned the post.

In August, Row underwent surgery to remove pelvic lesions, which had regrettably turned cancerous, as reported.

But the GREAT news is that my surgeon was able to easily remove that area and then apply the heated chemo solution directly to the area in question.

So with that theoretically being my only visible cancer – I am back to having no measurable disease,

Row opened up on social media.

Brennan Elliott, known for his work in Hallmark, had previously disclosed his wife’s cancer diagnosis, which occurred several years ago. He expressed gratitude to their fans for their overwhelming support, revealing that they received an astonishing number of prayers from over a million people in just two days, as he shared with a source last summer.

It was just bananas. It’s a testament to the fans, the people that watch this channel

and the people that are in the cancer community,

he said.

I think everybody’s been affected by [cancer].

It’s a dreadful disease and it’s something that’s obviously dear to my heart, cause obviously my wife’s gone through it.

Elliott added.