BTS Jung Kook Teaches Other Musicians a Valuable Lesson

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By Scarlet Witch

Korean pop star Jung Kook from the band BTS has become a great example to other musicians. Jung Kook officially release the two solo songs, but these are not new tracks. In fact, they have been out as unreleased tracks for years.

His die-hard fans already know the tracks, but having the singer himself release them made the fans love him even more. This move is noteworthy for other musicians.

What Jung Kook actually did here?

BTS Jung Kook Teaches Other Musicians a Valuable Lesson

Jung Kook recently released two of his songs “Still With You” and “My You.” Both these songs have been out for a while but not officially by the singer, hence they were not available on popular streaming and sales platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. This made the majority of the listeners or his new fans unaware of the songs.

The moment Jung Kook released these songs, they got many plays on these streaming platforms and climbed on the iTunes charts. It is obvious within a few days the song will make its place on the Billboard charts, helping Jung Kook establish his solo career even better.

Jung Kook made his old forgotten tunes into a valuable asset. This also shows that there is still room for old tracks to shine. In an industry where it is believed that the audience only wants to see something new, Jung Kook proved that every content has potential regardless of its age, level of recognition, or obscurity.