Captain Marvel AKA Brie Larson Most Insane Stunts Without A Stunt Double |Scary Stunts By Cap Marvel

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Brie Larson portrays the titular role in Captain Marvel. That means that her character is always part of the action. Which leads to a big question for many fans: did Brie Larson do her own stunts in the Captain Marvel movie?

When Brie Larson dons the Captain Marvel costume, she becomes a superhero. She commands respect with her leadership skills and her sheer strength. But how strong is Larson herself? And does she do her own stunts?

According to a USA Today article, Larson is seriously strong. Perhaps she’s even super strong. She trained, according to the article, for nine months to get ready to play Captain Marvel.

Larson would do “a half-hour in the morning of stretching and stuff on [her] own. Then [she would] go with [her] trainer for an hour and a half.” After taking a break for some food and a short rest, she would then train more in “the stunt gym,” where she would “work with the stunt team.”

She’s clearly a hard worker, which you can see from the results in the movie. She trains hard so that she can be authentic. Larson doesn’t want to disappoint.

Here is our video in which you can watch her performing some of her stunts on her on.