Celebrities Crying During Award Functions

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By FilMonger

We all love watching award shows. It’s super-fun to check out the fashions on the red carpet, and to see all our fave celebs in the one place. Celebrities often use their award wins to draw attention to issues they feel strongly about.

These celebrities are brilliant in their field. And they also happen to be great speakers who have some profound words of wisdom to impart.

Acceptance speeches at the Oscars have a reputation being emotional, awkward, inspirational or, somehow, all three at the same time.

Don’t you just love it when celebrities use their voices to share motivational personal stories, raise awareness for the causes that matter and inspire you to do good?

From subjects that tackle looking after the environment, empowering women and helping others, these celebrity speeches that resonate deeply within us.

No Academy Awards is complete without some emotional acceptance speeches on stage – and some political ones to boot.

With just 90 seconds to make an impact, many actors have used the platform as a voice for political change, calling attention to hot-button issues like climate change and gender equality, while others have simply enjoy their wins. Yy


Luckily, everyone on this list not only has a point worth making, they deliver it with rare elegance, grace, and often humour. Whether you’re searching for best man speech inspiration, or simply looking to become a more rounded individual, there’s plenty here to serve as inspiration