Venom Joins Spiderman in No Way Home!

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By Tony Stark

As if Spiderman No Way Home wasn’t big enough, the recent news regarding Venom will set the internet ablaze. Spiderman No Way Home is the most anticipated film of the year due to its jammed-packed cast of Spiderman franchise favorites. At this moment in time, Alfred Molina, William Defoe, and Jamie Fox are all reprising their villainous roles. With such a fixation on this film, we’ve forgotten the other web-slinging anti-hero, Venom.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage will release October 1st, and early reviews are coming in. Overall, most critics and viewers seem to like the film, but everyone seems to agree on one thing… the end credit scene. Tweet after tweet and post after post, all viewers are imploring viewers to stay till the very end of the film. What could warrant such excitement? Here are our theories on what the end credit scene of Venom 2 may hold. 

Tom Hardy’s Venom Sees Spiderman News Report

It’s still unclear whether there are other superheroes in the Venom universe. That said, Sony and Marvel are connecting their universes in one way or another. In the Morbius trailer, which seemed like an eternity ago, we see the Vulture played by Michael Keeton show up at the end. This cameo overtly connects the universes. Therefore, it’s not outlandish to hypothesize that Eddie Brock exists in the MCU. Now playing devil’s advocate, the idea that Eddie Brock lives in the MCU seems unlikely. There’s no mention of superheroes, especially on the scale of the Avengers. 

Tom Hardy’s Venom Recruited by Dr. Strange or Spiderman

Based on the reactions of early reviewers, a measly news report regarding Spiderman feels underwhelming. For this reason, I think Venom gets recruited by Dr. Strange or a Spiderman. Where I believe the mind-blown factor lies in which Spiderman. I wonder if Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire recruits Tom Hardy instead of Tom Holland’s Spiderman. This moment would leave viewers jaws on the floor after an end credit scene. 

Tom Hardy’s Venom Visited by an MCU Character

The two theories above may be too on the nose. I firmly believe that the end credit scene connects Venom to the MCU. That said, any superhero can recruit him. Nick Fury, Captain Marvel, Bruce Banner, and many more are all legit possibilities. Although this hypothesis isn’t sexy, it’s a plausible and conservative way to add Venom to the MCU.