Celebrities Talking About Their Favorite Superheroes

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By FilMonger

For some celebrities, the love of superheroes goes back to childhoods spent with comic books. For others, the love of the superhero movie didn’t really come about until they had appeared in the movies themselves and seen what all the fuss was about.

We know—Eminem doesn’t look like the kind of celebrity that would be into superhero movies. But it seems that he is very much into superheroes themselves. As a child, he actually wanted to be a comic book artist before deciding to become a rapper.

Another mega-star who is a huge fan of Marvel? Nicolas Cage. Cage actually changed his name to Cage after the Marvel Comics character Luke Cage. For those who don’t know, Cage was actually born Nicolas Coppola.

Just because an actor has appeared in a superhero movie doesn’t automatically mean that he loves the genre. But when he appears in them again and again, it’s reasonable to assume that superhero movies have a special place in his heart!

Another super successful Hollywood actress who enjoys superhero movies, both starring in them and watching them later? Gal Gadot. Starring as Wonder Woman helped Gadot foster a love of the character and the world in which she exists.

Megan Fox is yet to starr as a superheroine, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy watching superhero movies or reading comic books. She loves that whole universe and has been a huge fan since she was a child. 

Few actors have gushed about their roles in superhero movies as much as Hugh Jackman has. Something tells us that he wouldn’t have played Wolverine for 17 years if he didn’t like superhero movies at all!