Sony Agrees To Pay Tobey Maguire $15M For Spiderman 3

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Fans have seen Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man in the first Sony Spider-Man series. According to a report by Cosmic Book News, there have been rumours about Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield signing for Spider-Man 3, the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe’ movie. Recently, Grace Randolph took to her Twitter hander and revealed that there’s no confirmation about the actors’ approval and Tobey Maguire has been holding out as he wants more screen time in the movie rather than just swinging around. 

Grace Randolph, a popular comic book writer and a YouTuber, recently took to her Twitter handle and shared some tea- time news. She revealed that Tobey Maguire doesn’t want more money for the upcoming movie, Spider-Man 3, but wants more screen time. Her tweet stated how he wants to get out of the superhero suit so that he can get more time to act in the movie rather than just swinging through it.

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The claims made by Grace Randolph have not been confirmed by the makers but this has definitely raised speculations among the fans. Though Andrew Garfield is most likely to be a part of the movie, according to reports by the portal, there haven’t been any official announcements made by Tobey Maguire about his confirmation to sign for Spider-Man 3. 

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After Grace Randolph dropped in the news, many fans came out and reacted to the tweet. Many of his fans agreed to the actor’s demands of having more screen time.