Celebrities Talking About Their First Kiss

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By FilMonger

When you go in for your very first kiss, you’re filled with emotions: excitement, nervousness, and maybe just a little bit lot of embarrassment.

Whether your first-ever smooch happens on camera (like so many of your faves’ did) or just naturally, it’s probably going to be awkward AF. But, don’t sweat it! Check out these cringeworthy kissing stories from your favorite stars

It’s easy to imagine our favourite celebrities kissing with the same ease and passion in real as they do in the movies.Unfortunately for them, not every kiss matches up to those blockbuster lip locks — especially their first kisses.

celebrities had awkward and regrettable first kisses too. Stars, they’re just like us! Some of our favourites have opened up in the past about their first kiss, so we’ve rounded up some of their stories for to read.

Whether or not you’ve had your first kiss, take few minutes to watch these cute, funny, and cringey celebrity first kiss stories just to know that, no matter how your first kiss was or turns out, there’s always someone in a “spittier” situation.

I am not saying all first kisses are awkward, because I am sure plenty of celebrities got to kiss a really cute co-star on set during their first film or television show, but first kisses almost always have some sort of hilarious story to go along with them about how things went down. 

Whether it was the strange location, the wrong person, or a really horrifying technique, celebs first kisses are just as silly and adorable as ours — and they were probably watching a terrible movie in the background, too. Just saying.

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