Chadwick Boseman & Michael B Jordan’s Bromance | Best Friendship Moments | Try Not To Cry | RIP King

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For Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, a close friendship seemed almost destined. From their early gigs playing the same role on a daytime soap opera to their big-budget showdown in the groundbreaking Black Panther, their journeys were uniquely linked.

Reflecting on their enduring bond, in a 2019 birthday post to Jordan, who has yet to break his silence on his friend’s death, Boseman wrote, “What a journey it’s been. Happy birthday, brother.”

Like their characters in the film, Boseman and Jordan’s own past intertwined in ways they didn’t realize for some time. In 2003, when  Boseman 26 he was cast to play Reggie Porter on All My Children. He had the role for a week, but was cut, and a 16-year-old Jordan was cast to replace him.

Even as onscreen enemies in Marvel’s box office–shattering hit, the two stars were incredibly supportive and respectful, even in moments of competition

Michael B. Jordan continues to pay it forward by taking on roles that cut through stereotypes and by adopting an inclusion rider that ensures diversity in his production company (via Esquire).


 Before his death, Boseman had most recently lent his efforts to Operation 42, an organization that provides funds to hospitals serving Black communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and he actively spoke out in support of organizations fighting for social justice (via Bleacher Report). 

Boseman’s activism, his career, and his legacy will surely continue to open doors and inspire generations to come just as he did for a young Michael B. Jordan.