Michael Jordan’s Training For Killmonger’s Role|Jordan’s Workout Routine For Killmonger’s Role In BP

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Jordan’s mentality wasn’t born in the weight room. The actor says as a kid he was teased a lot because of his name. But that only stoked his competitive fire. It made himwork hard for sure.

He uses his name, the one he shares with one of the greatest athletes ever, to motivate himself to train aggressively — calling it “my healthy chip.” Though he initially turned to sport to prove those bullies wrong, that mentality evolved into his daily mantra. 

Even with this 24/7 focus and dedication, Jordan has moments when working hard during a session feels tough. 

And as an actor who has played a boxer, he’s been fortunate to combine those two loves. But he doesn’t only do boxing-style workouts. For each new role he takes on, Jordan trains how the character he’s playing would train.

From the basketball court to the silver screen, Jordan has always had something to prove – not just to his peers but to himself. He knows motivation is emotional. Something inside needs to push you.

followed by a regular role in The Wire, to Hollywood films such as Creed and the billion-dollar Black Panther. But it’s a journey that has taken 19 years. Today, people tell him to slow down, but that has never been part of the plan.

There’s no quick fix behind Jordan’s transformation – it’s all dedication. And here, the Hollywood stereotype comes to life: hard work really does pay off.

Jordan is currently deeply moved by his friend Chadwick’s death and he penned down a beautiful post dedicated to Chadwick called “I wish we had more time.