Chris Evans During Quarantine

chris evans during quarantine

With many are still staying indoors due to our current situation, a number of people are beginning to settle into this new reality that includes practicing social distancing and remaining self-quarantined

Now this self quarantine is also true for celebrities, who must currently remain in at home while their projects remain on the back burner. Chris Evans is in this very situation, but the Knives Out star doesn’t have any problems with his new normal

Chris Evans has gradually become one of the biggest (and busiest) actors in Hollywood, making him a highly sought-after commodity within the industry. Yet with self-quarantine measures now in effect, Evans has created a new schedule for himself, one that includes spending time with his dog, Dodger:

Being stuck in the house can be difficult for almost anyone, but that’s certainly not the case for a homebody like Chris Evans. He seems to be using the time to unwind, and it’s hard to argue with the results.

If anything, we might want to take a cue from Chris Evans and these other celebrities. Staying in may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it does give you time to refresh and relax.

Written by FilMonger

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