Chris Evans to Possibly Return to the MCU

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By Star-Lord

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) got his blissful consummation toward the finish of Endgame, resigning from the Avengers. We realized that planned to happen in any case, as Evans’ contract came to an end. The other choice would have been demise, however Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) got that honor. However, we’ve been anticipating that Marvel should astonish fans with their return from that point onward.

A lot of bits of hearsay have been springing up starting around 2019, making sense of how Marvel could take these two characters back to the MCU. Steve’s advanced age or Tony’s demise wouldn’t considerably make any difference as there are ways of getting it going. Marvel can make prequels or multiverse films including these characters without removing anything from Endgame.

The actual actors wouldn’t affirm a return. While both Evans and RDJ wouldn’t preclude more Marvel motion pictures, they’ll in any case say they’re content with how things finished in the last Avengers film. In any case, we have a valid justification to accept that Chris Evans is getting back to the MCU regardless of what he will say openly. You ought to realize that big spoilers could follow underneath.

There’s currently a new Captain America in the MCU.

We won’t ever realize whether Marvel planned to uncover the whole Phase 5 and three critical Phase 6 titles at Comic-Con, or on the other hand in the event that it did it on the grounds that the titles of the greater part of those films released a day ahead of schedule. What is important is that Marvel affirmed a large number of the spilled brand names, including the titles for Avengers 5 and Avengers 6.

Captain America 4 additionally has an official title and release date. As indicated by the plans, New World Order will hit theaters on May third, 2024. Furthermore, indeed, this Captain America title was essential for the underlying flood of brand name spills.

However, New World Order isn’t a tale about Chris Evans‘ Steve Rogers. That is on the grounds that the MCU has another Captain America, which Evans has repeated in interviews. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) acknowledged the safeguard in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This story is the Captain America 4 that has showed up in such countless rumors as of now.

Likewise, there’s a second Captain America title in those spilled brand names. That one presumably isn’t about Chris Evans’ return to the MCU by the same token.

It very well may be a Cap from the multiverse that we’ll require in Secret Wars.