Chris Hemsworth During Quarantine

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With just about every Hollywood actor stuck at home as movie and television productions remain at a standstill, the home workout is a popular activity. Actors such as Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth getting by with their impressive home gyms may feel unattainable to fans who look up to their physiques.

it looks like a lot of fans are turning to Chris Hemsworth’s Centr fitness app to fill the void left by gyms.

There’s no argument that the isolation that we’re all going through is unprecedented. For some it may be working from home and for others it may be not working at all. 

Any leisure activities that we were involved in that included leaving the house are basically out and we’re finding new ways to entertain ourselves. However, being stuck at home has a bit of a silver lining for Chris Hemsworth, because home isn’t a place he’s been able to spent a lot of time in recent years.

Between being the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Thor, and the other major Hollywood roles Chris Hemsworth has played over the years, the actor has been in high demand, and as such, he’s been making one movie after another, with little down time in between.

Chris Hemsworth probably isn’t the only one who is enjoying being home, at least a little and in fact, Chris Evans is also loving this forced vacation, let us know if you would like a watch a video on Chris Evans during quarantine.

With so many people stuck on a forced vacation, sometimes the best you can do is look on the positive side of it.

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