Chris Hemsworth Talks About the Marvel Text Chain

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Chris Hemsworth finally admits that there is an Avengers text chain. In an interview with British GQ, the actor speaks Avengers text chain and other things.

Avengers Text Chain: Loki Is Out

There was a question regarding the Avengers text chain and whether Loki is included in it. Chris took a fun take and answered that since Loki is not an Avenger, he is out of the text chain.

Chris Hemsworth Talking About Avengers Text Chain

The actor then proceeds to talk about the crew and how everyone is in the group chat. Then the actor apologizes to Tom, after replying to the comment saying; Loki is out.

Chris Hemsworth In An Interview With GQ UK

Chris Hemsworth recently went in-depth about his Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner’s tragedy and how it affected his co-stars in an interview with GQ UK.

After Jeremy Renner’s Injury, Chris Hemsworth recalls the “Avengers” group chats: “It was wild.”

The Thor actor claims that lately, especially in light of Renner’s accident and his entry into his forties, he has been reflecting on mortality a lot. He also said that it was “wild” how nervous his other Avengers actors were acting in their group conversation with Jeremy Renner.

“We were all on our ‘Avengers’ text chain, we were all chatting. None of us really knew how serious it was,” recalled Chris Hemsworth in his chat GQ. “I think anything like that, it’s an immediate realization of ‘Wow, any of us can go at any minute’… We’re getting to the age now where we’re going to start losing people we love,” added the celebrated actor. 

For those who are unaware, a 7-ton snowcat rolled over the Hawkeye actor’s automobile on January 1, 2023, resulting in an accident. When Jeremy Renner attempted to rescue his nephew who was trapped in a snowdrift, he sustained orthopedic injuries, acute chest trauma, and more than 30 broken bones. But the well-known celebrity’s health rapidly returned to normal, and he is expected to make a stronger recovery.