Chris Hemsworth Ranks the Thor Movies

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By Aquaman

Chris Hemsworth, one of the most well-known actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been ranking Thor movies.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Chris Hemsworth On The Ranking Of Thor Movies

Chris Hemsworth has been a member of the Marvel cinematic universe for more than a decade, and in that time, he’s played Thor in seven different movies. However, in a recent interview with British GQ, Hemsworth ranked his Thor movies from ‘dope to dopest.’

The actor said ranking Thor movies is not easy as the premises, storylines, and tones are different in all of them.

The actor said Ragnarok is one of his favorite movies. He also mentioned the original Thor has a special spot in his heart as it is the first ever Thor movie. The launch of whole Marvel experience gives it a no-brainer reason why the first ever movie has a special place in his heart.

Chris Hemsworth Ranks the Thor Movies

Hemsworth puts both of these films in high regard due to two different reasons. The actor then mentioned that he loves the other two films as well, once again with the explanations of them being different storylines and plots.

Following that, the actor talks about the Avengers. And how fortunate he is to work with the most amazing talents in the franchise. The interview went on and the actor answered many of the questions, some of them taking a fun take.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the interview, Chris went on to talk about a rumor of him taking a break from health issues.