Chris Pratt Funny Moments

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By FilMonger

Chris Pratt is widely known for his performances as the quirky space hero in Guardians of the Galaxy and the rugged researcher in Jurassic World. From acting in fun-loving comedies to suspenseful dramas, the former TV actor has turned many heads with his versatility and memorable characters.

Starting out as a door-to-door salesman and living in a van, the somewhat goofy teen was far from leading man material. But his rise to success was a surprise to everyone but himself, as he had always believed he was destined for fame.

Pratt’s life story is an odd blend of perseverance and sheer luck, where his readiness to seize every opportunity led him from waiting tables to breaking the box office.

Pratt grew up the youngest of three siblings in a tight-knit, Christian family. He spent his childhood days playing outside and flipping through the pages of his favorite comic books.

he always remembers his humble beginnings and regularly donates money to various charities. He also makes time to visit sick children in full Star-Lord gear, using his notorious humor to bring a smile to their faces. 

His life story is yet another reminder to be open to the different currents in life. Whether you already have a goal in mind or feel as if there is something else waiting for you, have the courage to take hold of every opportunity that crosses your path. You never know where it may lead.