Zendaya Dancing In Car

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By FilMonger

The Disney Channel has launched tons of young performers’ careers. Some of our favorite celebs started out as dancers on the platform back in the day and Zendaya is one of them. 

Zendaya, our Queen, got her start by showing off her dance skills on the Disney Channel’s “Shake it Up,” and went on to have a super high-profile acting and singing career.

Zendaya started her journey on Dancing With the Stars season 16 as the youngest contestant that had ever competed on the show. Unsurprisingly, she was able to impress the judges from her very first dance on the stage.

Back in 2013, DWTS recruited 11 new celebrities to join the dance competition and Zendaya was partnered with Ukrainian-American professional dancer Val Chmerkovskiy. 

During a season that featured extremely tough competition, Zendaya proved herself as a professional dancer that dazzled the judges each week. She ultimately made it to the finale but was runner-up to Kellie Pickler.

Before landing her role in the ongoing Spider-Man trilogy of movies and becoming the youngest lead actress in a drama to win an Emmy for Euphoria, Zendaya was best known for the Disney Channel original series Shake It Up.

Describing herself as a hip-hop dancer, she was able to adapt to the completely new style of dance and deliver some incredible moments on and off the stage. At just 16 years old, Zendaya proved she was mature beyond her years and was praised by the judges for her ability to bring life to every dance.