Cillian Murphy Hails Oppenheimer’s Screenplay As “One of the Best”

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Cillian Murphy praised the screenplay of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, noting how the first-person narrative and unique perspective impressed him.

Christopher Nolan’s historical thriller, Oppenheimer, has captivated audiences with its unconventional storytelling and impressive performances. Among the talented cast is Cillian Murphy, who portrays the titular protagonist, J. Robert Oppenheimer. In a recent interview, Murphy shared his admiration for Nolan’s screenplay, emphasizing how the first-person narrative and unique perspective blew his mind. This article delves into Murphy’s insights, exploring the brilliance of Oppenheimer’s script and the unparalleled experience of working on a Nolan set.

Please note that the article contains spoilers for Oppenheimer.

A First-Person Narrative

Cillian Murphy revealed that Oppenheimer’s script deviates from the norm with its first-person narrative. Nolan’s writing approach immersed the actor in Oppenheimer’s psyche, as the entire screenplay was penned from the protagonist’s point of view. Murphy expressed his awe at Nolan’s unconventional style, appreciating how the script allowed him to experience the story through Oppenheimer’s eyes. Additionally, the contrast between Oppenheimer’s subjective perspective and objective black-and-white scenes added depth to the storytelling.

Nolan’s Magnum Opus

Having collaborated with Christopher Nolan on previous projects, Cillian Murphy praised Oppenheimer as the filmmaker’s magnum opus. The movie represents Nolan refining his vision as a filmmaker, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and direction. Murphy commended Nolan’s ability to translate the extraordinary script onto the big screen, creating a captivating and immersive cinematic experience for the audience.

A Surprise Lead Role

Cillian Murphy Hails Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer Screenplay as

Casting for Oppenheimer was no exception to Nolan’s characteristic low-key approach. Cillian Murphy shared his surprise when Nolan reached out to him “out of the blue” and offered him the lead role of Oppenheimer. The unexpected call caught Murphy off guard, but he welcomed the opportunity wholeheartedly. Acknowledging the magnitude of the role, Murphy felt a deep sense of responsibility and embarked on extensive preparation to do justice to the character.

The Challenge of an Emotional Courtroom Scene

During the filming process, Cillian Murphy faced a particularly challenging scene – an emotionally charged courtroom sequence. Murphy revealed that this intense scene took two weeks to shoot, as it required precision and emotional depth. Despite its difficulty, Murphy embraced the opportunity to work alongside exceptional actors like Jason Clarke, contributing to the scene’s powerful impact.

The Unparalleled Experience on a Nolan Set

Cillian Murphy described the experience of working on a Christopher Nolan set as one like no other. He praised the set’s efficiency and calm atmosphere, a stark contrast to the tense and gripping nature of Oppenheimer‘s story. Nolan’s methodical approach and seamless direction created an environment that allowed actors to fully immerse themselves in their roles, enhancing their performances.