Meghan Markle Plans Her Hollywood Return With a Film “Rejected” By Princess Diana

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Speculations rise on the potential Hollywood return of Meghan Markle, considered for The Bodyguard 2 role once offered to Princess Diana.

The possibility of Meghan Markle returning to her movie career has been a topic of increasing interest, The possibility of Meghan Markle returning to her movie career has been a topic of increasing interest, with reports suggesting she is being considered for The Bodyguard 2, a role once offered to Princess Diana. In this article, we explore the buzz surrounding Meghan Markle’s Hollywood comeback, the alluring proposal she has received, and the challenges she faces in securing movie roles despite her star power.

A Hollywood Comeback in the Works?

Following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step back from the British monarchy, the Duchess of Sussex’s professional opportunities have expanded, paving the way for a potential Hollywood comeback. The reputable German magazine Gala unveiled an enticing offer for Meghan, with acclaimed actor Kevin Costner eyeing her for a leading role in The Bodyguard 2, a sequel to the beloved 1990s classic. Kevin had originally envisioned Princess Diana for the role and fondly recalled a sweet conversation with her about the film’s romantic scenes.

Challenges in Hollywood

Meghan Markle Eyes Hollywood Comeback in The Bodyguard 2 Rejected by Princess Diana

Despite her immense star power, Meghan Markle faces obstacles in securing movie roles within the competitive Hollywood industry. Although she signed with the prestigious William Morris Endeavor (WME) talent agency, no confirmed projects have been announced yet. PR expert Kieran Elsby acknowledges the significance of the WME affiliation for both Meghan and the agency.

Meghan Markle’s affiliation with WME is considered a significant achievement for both parties. The agency benefits from having a high-profile figure like the Duchess on its roster, enhancing its reputation within the entertainment industry. Simultaneously, Meghan gains access to a reputable establishment that can offer her diverse opportunities in the world of film and entertainment.

However, the process of landing deals for the Duchess is taking longer than expected. Despite successful collaborations with Netflix and Spotify alongside Prince Harry, the lack of updates on her upcoming ventures is fueling speculation about her Hollywood journey.