Daredevil Stuntman Criticizes Disney+ Reboot Decisions, Calls it a “Big Mistake

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By Black Widow

Chris Brewster, the stuntman for Netflix’s Daredevil, expressed his disappointment with the decisions made for Disney+’s upcoming Daredevil: Born Again reboot.

Brewster revealed what he considers a “big mistake” in the reboot’s approach, highlighting the absence of the original crew members from the Netflix series.

Departure of Daredevil from Netflix Series:

Marvel Studios aims to distance Born Again from the Netflix series, excluding most crew members, except for the confirmed returning cast. Brewster emphasized the importance of the crew’s contribution to the magic of the original series and criticized Marvel Studios’ decision as a significant misstep.

Regretful Outcome:

Daredevil Stuntman Criticizes Disney+ Reboot Decisions, Calls it a "Big Mistake

Although Ikuzo questioned the possibility of reversing this decision, Brewster believes it is already too late, as Marvel Studios has informed the original series’ crew members about their intent to create a distinct visual and narrative style for Born Again.

Appreciation for Original Series:

Brewster expressed his admiration for the Marvel Netflix Daredevil, considering it a masterpiece and Marvel’s best streaming show to date. He commended the impeccable casting choices, showrunners, and dedication of everyone involved in bringing the show to life.

Marvel’s Crew Replacement Justification on Daredevil:

Marvel Studios replaced Brewster and the Netflix crew with Justin Eaten, who has experience as a stunt double for various Marvel characters. This move may indicate the studio’s intention to establish a new tone and style for Daredevil: Born Again, differentiating it from the previous seasons and solidifying it as a standalone series.

Looking Ahead:

Daredevil: Born Again is currently scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in Spring 2024, although production has been halted due to the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America strike.

In conclusion, Brewster’s critique sheds light on the disappointment felt by the original Daredevil crew members who were left out of Disney+’s Born Again reboot. As Marvel Studios aims for a fresh approach, the decision to replace the crew may result in a different visual and narrative style for the upcoming series.