Why was Madonna ‘Working Herself so Hard’ in Preparation for the Celebration Tour?

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Madonna’s family is worried that she “pushed herself too hard” in an effort to compete with younger artists, which ultimately resulted in her health problem.

On June 24, 2023, Madonna was discovered to be unconscious and was immediately sent to ICU. After feeling better than previously, the singer has since returned to her home.

Madonna, 64, has been hospitalized to the ICU for many days and is now making progress toward recovery, according to a prior statement from the singer’s longtime manager Guy Oseary. She would also postpone her planned Celebration tour, he continued, due to her health.

Madonna’s pals reportedly worry that she is straining herself too hard to keep up with the younger performers.

An Update on the Health of Madonna

Madonna 'Working Herself so Hard' in Preparation for the Celebration Tour

In the midst of her children, Madonna is recovering in her New York residence. The singer has reportedly pushed herself to the point of exhaustion in an effort to compete with much younger musicians like Pink and Taylor Swift, according to The Sun.

Madonna’s friend said to The Sun, “The countdown was well and truly on. Madonna had all her chips on one number, which was this tour. She was working overtime, but she clearly burnt herself out and people around her have been politely reminding her that she is not 45 any more, let alone 25. She needed to pace herself. Pushing herself so hard was extremely risky.”

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour shows have recently received plaudits for their outstanding performances and pleasant surprises. Pink has been garnering media attention for her antics at the concerts.

Is that the cause of Madonna’s physical exhaustion, which has now had a negative impact on her body? The singer’s neighbors were concerned about the physical strain she was placing on her body, according to another of her friends.

“Many of us feel the constant comments about her age have put pressure on her to compete, so we are relieved that she has been forced to take time out and put her health first,” the friend told The US Sun.

Everyone was quite concerned about her.