Does Marvel Need a Reboot in the DCU Style?

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By Aquaman

Marvel needs to reconsider their approach as they can get direction inspirations from the new DCU. The MCU is, let’s face it, somewhat at a crossroads. Their recent films haven’t garnered great reviews. There have been conflicting opinions on Secret Invasion and their prospective films either appear too far off or too uninteresting.

What they need to do is look over the fence at DC to see how James Gunn’s team there is entirely rethinking their approach from a DCEU to a DCU. Complete pivoting and resume. It could actually work.

What is the Mess that Marvel Made?

Does Marvel Need a Reboot in the DCU Style?

Marvel has had better times, as everyone has stated and is aware of. The heroes aren’t precisely who we want them to be in the post-Thanos reality, despite how brilliantly their first few phases led to the crescendo that was Endgame.

Now, this may be the fault of the narratives, the performers, the roles, the producers, and so on. Marvel, however, actually requires someone to toss them a life jacket and haul them safely to land. They need to reassemble, assess what they’ve done, and consider their options.

Some claim that the studio already has its film, television, and other products planned out for the next ten years. There is no justification to continue on the path if a property isn’t functioning, though. Sometimes it makes more sense to cut your losses and change course.

Does Marvel Need a Reboot in the DCU Style?

Everyone wants to return to the time before the Snap, when everyone was Iron and flung shields and hammers, and Marvel has found itself caught in this knot. The brand is really being harmed by depending on this nostalgia, and perpetuating the narrative would be like arriving at the party so late that the hosts had already sold their home and relocated.

Deadpool 3 is the current topic of conversation, although in silence. But even that is more based on a character who already exists and who many predict the company would either put into PG mode or only hint at in upcoming films. But Marvel can restore their reputation with a significant change. DC has already started working on it independently.