They Cloned Tyrone Review: Everythig You Need to Know

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By Scarlet Witch

They Cloned Tyrone is a stylish Netflix caper that teams up Jamie Foxx and John Boyega as cool conspirators in an entertaining sci-fi adventure. Directed by Juel Taylor, this film is a mix of mystery, comedy, and action which captivates the attention of the audience

Foxx and Boyega showcase their undeniable charisma, creating an electric dynamic on screen. Foxx plays the street-smart Tyrone, who stumbles upon a government conspiracy involving clones, while Boyega portrays his loyal friend and sidekick, Malcolm. Their chemistry and banter bring humor and energy to the narrative, making them a joy to watch.

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"They Clones Tyrone" REVIEW: Everythig You Need to Know

Visually, “They Cloned Tyrone” is impressive. Taylor’s direction delivers slick cinematography and stylish set design, creating a futuristic world that immerses viewers in its atmosphere. The blend of neo-noir and science fiction adds depth and intrigue to the storytelling which enhances the overall experience.

The screenplay, written by Juel Taylor and Tony Rettenmaier, strikes a good balance between humor and suspense. The plot moves at a brisk pace, maintaining tension and keeping audiences guessing. While some plot twists may be predictable, the film compensates with its overall entertainment value.

In addition to Foxx and Boyega, Teyonah Parris delivers a standout performance as Nia, a resourceful journalist involved in the conspiracy. Her character adds substance to the story and complements the protagonist’s journey.

They Cloned Tyrone may not break new ground thematically, but it succeeds as a stylish and engaging thrill ride. The chemistry between Foxx and Boyega, along with the film’s visual flair and well-paced storytelling, make it a captivating watch. This Netflix original sure does offer the sci-fi and heist genres, which does make it stand out as an original.