Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot And Ryan Reynolds Talking About Each Other

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Dwayne Johnson has recently been in the news for his deepening friendship with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds which might have blossomed due to the fact that the duo share number one and number two spots in the list of highest-paid actors for the year 2020

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ryan Reynolds have been friends for years, and now they are finally sharing the screen in “Red Notice.”

The longtime pals were right in the middle of filming their upcoming Netflix movie Red Notice when the novel coronavirus pandemic shut production on the project down.

Reynolds also seems to have taken the place of Kevin Hart as The Rock’s best buddy ever since he has joined hands with him on Hobbs & Shaw

While they seem to share a strong bond off the screen, there seems to be rivalry brewing underneath the surface as the two friends will head against each other as the star power for DC and Marvel, respectively.

A recent report from a very reliable source has suggested that Marvel is planning something big for Ryan Reynolds, which will start by offering him the biggest contract in the comic studio’s history

Meanwhile, DC is secretly working on a deal with Dwayne Johnson, which will keep the actor in the DC Extended Universe franchise for ten more films. Furthermore, the actor has been confirmed to be a part of an untitled Shazam sequel

Both Reynolds and Johnson have massive followings on social media and both actors have made ample use of it to promote their projects and endeavors as well as to create some faux feuds with friends and co-stars