Ryan Reynolds & Dwayne Johnson Roasting Each Other!

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By Tony Stark

20-year-old friends Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson love to mess with each other. After fans raved over their Hobbs and Shaw performance, Dwayne Johnson knew he needed to do a feature film with Ryan Reynolds. He knew their comedic minds combined would dominate the box office. Little did Dwayne Johnson know that he and Reynolds would dominate the streaming service Netflix. Netflix pulled together a star-studded cast including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. After multiple halts due to the pandemic, the Netflix film “Red Notice” was released in November 2021. Early reviews from fans and critics are overwhelmingly positive with hopes of a future sequel. 

Dwyane Johnson Loves Messing With Ryan Reynolds

When you’ve known each other for years, shenanigans will most certainly ensue. Below, you’ll find a video with a compilation of Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson messing around with each other. One of the funniest exchanges between these A-list actors was on their social media. Dwayne Johnson jumped on the Netflix billboard social media craze. Folks everywhere will change the text of the Netflix billboard to something outlandish and straight-up hilarious. Dwyane posted on his social account a hilarious quip about Ryan Reynolds.

The Netflix billboard states that Ryan Reynolds uses his mother’s Netflix account. Ryan Reynolds quickly responded to this loving dig with his own funny quip. His response on Twitter didn’t deny his use of his mother’s Netflix account; instead, he explained how it’s an exchange of account logins. Ryan Reynolds types, “In fairness, my mom uses my OnlyFans account.” 

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds love working with each other, and Red Notice is no exception. Red Notice came out on November 5th, 2021, so be sure to check it out. If you want to see more banter between Dwyane Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, check out the video below! 

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