Emily Blunt Most Savage Moments

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By FilMonger

Is there anything she can’t do? In today’s video we’ll be looking at the funniest or sweetest moments that make this actress so lovable. 

Growing up, Emily struggled with a stutter but one of her teachers pushed her toward acting in an effort to help her overcome the problem, after picking up on the fact that she loved putting on funny voices. Nowadays, she uses her position as a public figure to raise awareness, and is an active board member of the American Institute for Stuttering.

It’s always great when celebrities show support for a good cause and Emily and John have their own special way of doing so. To raise money for the Malala Fund, they created a dating video to invite one lucky couple to join them at the premiere of “A Quiet Place”. It’s a fun and unique way to raise money for a good cause and who wouldn’t want to go on that date?

Emily is an underrated icon of female empowerment. In 2018 she spoke at Variety’s Power of Women event where she talked about how important it is to educate girls, and the joy she gets from watching her own daughter’s head being filled with knowledge. It’s an engaging speech where you can see how passionately she feels about this subject, and how much she cares about empowering girls around the world.

It is impossible not to adore Emily Blunt. On top of her versatile acting range that has led to memorable performances in the fashion world-set comedy The Devil Wears Prada, the terrifying, post-apocalyptic family drama A Quiet Place and its sequel, and plenty other characters and genres of a healthy variety, getting to know her in person is just as much of a treat.

Speaking of strict dieting requirement, imagine the hell that Emily Blunt would have had to go through to fit into the skin-tight Black Widow outfit had she not dropped out of Iron Man 2, leaving Scarlett Johansson to fill the shoes of Natasha Romanoff

What do you think? Is Emily Blunt even cooler to you now, or could nothing make her cooler already? Let us know in the comments