Spiderman Actors Performing Their Own Stunts

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By FilMonger

Any Spider-Man comic adaptation film is bound to be stuffed with stunts, but which actors did them themselves, and which used stunt doubles?

Spider-Man has three popular franchises, and every die-hard fan of this superhero certainly has their preference when it comes to their favorite guy in the suit. Of course, these movies are filled with villains and heroes, and some of these actors might be a bit better at actually becoming Spider-Man in real life!

In case fans are curious which of these actors, villains and Spider-Mans included, have actually done their own stunts – there’s no reason to wonder any longer. From Tom Holland’s gymnastic background to Andrew Garfield’s eagerness, there are a lot of stunts to be done by these actors.

Andrew Garfield is a young and skilled actor that does most of his own stunts that appear in the film. Again, he has a stunt double, but Garfield has been photographed multiple times in the air and doing some pretty interesting tricks!

He’s not a stuntman, but he was more than eager to give everything a try. He deserves some more applause for doing some of his own stunts.

Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, and while she doesn’t have any superpowers or cool suits, she does actually participate in a few action scenes.

Stone says it was never anything crazy, but she did get to do the stunts that involved her character. It’s not gymnastics or parkour, but she still held her own.

It turns out that all three of these popular Spider-Mans actually do most of their own stunts. In fact, Tobey Maguire even completed the iconic tray scene – and it only took about 156 takes.

However, he did perform many of the stunts featured in the film, but certainly took a step back for his stunt double to do some more complicated ones. But Maguire does deserve some credit, and will always be the original Peter Parker.