Ethan Hawke Praises Daughter Maya’s Outstanding Performance in Their Latest Film

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By Wanda

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Ethan Hawke praised his daughter Maya Hawke. While sharing insights about his film Wildcat, in which Maya, 25, starred as novelist Flannery O’Connor, Ethan, 52, applauded her for her “blistering intelligence and commitment” to her role.

Most of all, I want to thank you for the job,

(She is an executive producer on the project.)

She hired me and I did my best to come through for you,

Ethan said, which birthed in laughter from the audience.

If you see anything else tonight, you’re going to see a young artist just circle around their father,

sprint out the door and pat him on the ass as she goes by.

This is one of my favorite performances I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

he added.

In the film Wildcat, Maya Hawke, famous for her character in Stranger Things, features Flannery O’Connor. The movie revolves around O’Connor as she betters her writing skills and grows committed to unique and deeply individual fiction, even when it costs her own comfort and happiness, as described by the festival.

Ethan Hawke, who brings up Maya with his earlier wife Uma Thurman, and his daughter succeeded in attending the Toronto event on Monday in spite of the ongoing SAG strike, pertaining to an agreement between Wildcat and the guild.

The making of the film was unspeakably special and one of the greatest experiences of my life,

Maya said, on the red carpet Monday in an interview.

To get to be at this festival and to have a waiver and approval from our union during a strike to be here and

celebrate film and independent film and to get to see this movie with an audience, which is so rare now, is

just the ultimate privilege and I feel so, so lucky to be here today, for a variety of reasons,

she said.


Ethan replied.

Ethan Hawke’s recent movie, Wildcat, highlights his fifth project as a film director. He also directed the 2022 documentary series The Last Movie Stars, which highlighted the lives and relationships of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

The cast of Wildcat stars Laura Linney, Philip Ettinger, Rafael Casal, Cooper Hoffman known for Licorice Pizza, Steve Zahn popular for The White Lotus, Vincent D’Onofrio, Alessandro Nivola, Christine Dye, and Willa Fitzgerald.

The film premiered globally at the Telluride International Film Festival on September 1, but no official release date for Wildcat has been revealed yet.