Fast X Gets Its Streaming Release Date Confirmed

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By Black Widow

Vin Diesel’s Fast X has been a notable entry in the Fast & Furious franchise, marking the eleventh installment and initiating the final trilogy that will conclude the saga. While it didn’t receive glowing reviews from critics, it managed to satisfy many fans.

The delay in its streaming release left many wondering when they could enjoy it from the comfort of their homes. Finally, the wait is over, as Peacock has announced the streaming release date for Fast X.

The Fast X Box Office Performance

Fast X encountered mixed reviews from critics, earning a 56% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it garnered a more favorable 84% audience score.

Despite its audience appeal, the film faced challenges at the box office due to its substantial budget of $340 million. It fell short of breaking even, grossing only $704.71 million worldwide.

The Mystery Behind the Delay

Fans were puzzled by the extended delay in Fast X arriving on a streaming platform, considering it had been nearly three months since its theatrical release. Universal’s deal with NBC’s Peacock streaming service shed light on this situation.

Fast X

The agreement stipulates that any film under the Universal umbrella must be available on the streaming platform within 120 days after its theatrical debut.

Fast X Streaming Release Date

Peacock has officially revealed that Fast X will be accessible for streaming on its platform starting Friday, September 15.

This release date falls within 119 days after the movie’s global theatrical release, just one day short of the agreed-upon 120-day window.

Universal’s Strategy for Maximizing Revenue

Typically, when a movie is added to a streaming service, subscribers can watch it without additional fees. Fast X will follow this model on Peacock, allowing subscribers to enjoy the film without extra charges.

Universal took a strategic approach to maximize revenue from Fast X. When it became apparent that the movie might not achieve its desired box office numbers, the studio pivoted.

The film was made available for digital purchase on June 9, a mere 21 days after its theatrical release. Physical copies were then released on August 8, giving fans the option to own the movie.

By delaying the addition of Fast X to Peacock until the last minute, Universal aimed to maximize revenue by encouraging digital purchases and physical sales.

Fast X fans can mark their calendars for September 15, when the film will finally be available for streaming on Peacock. The delay in its streaming release, orchestrated to optimize revenue through sales and digital purchases, comes to an end. As viewers anticipate enjoying the action-packed film in their homes, Fast X continues its journey, both on and off the screen.