Five Main Characters from Disney+’s X-Men Reboot Are the Focus of New Merchandise

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By Aquaman

Five significant heroes from the Disney+ series were recognized on official new X-Men ’97 merchandise.

Many beloved characters from the ’90s cartoon series X-Men: The cartoon Series, including Magneto, Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops, are expected to return in the next animated revival.

The series is anticipated to bring specific characters to the fore because of its strong cast. Two heroes, Storm and Cyclops, are set to take the stage in this upcoming Disney+ adaption, as revealed by the show’s chief writer Beau DeMayo on Twitter.

The Five X-Men Heroes: Why Are They Important?

Five Main Characters from Disney+'s X-Men Reboot

Five of the primary characters—Storm, Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, and Wolverine—were featured on the packaging’s front, indicating that they will probably be the series’ most significant protagonists.

There are usually a few characters that are thrust into the spotlight in each season of a program with a large cast of protagonists.

In the forthcoming Disney+ premiere of X-Men ’97, it appears that Storm, Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, and Wolverine will receive considerably more attention.

Magneto will serve as the X-Men’s new commander in X-Men ’97 when Charles Xavier departs for the Shi’Ar homeworld.

Due to Magneto’s significant involvement, there may be conflicts with some team members, most notably Cyclops and Storm. The couple may be crucial figures going forward because of this.

One of the series’ main plotlines may be the amusing love-hate relationship between Rogue and Gambit. It’s possible that Mister Sinister, the major antagonist of the series, may use the couple’s romance as leverage for his schemes to permanently destroy the X-Men.