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Gal Gadot may best be known for her work as the DCEU‘s Wonder Woman, but she’s taken on some other impressive roles in her brief career, too. Therefore, in today’s video, we will be talking about some of her best and toughest roles.

Since taking on the role of Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, within the DCEU, Gal Gadot has quickly become one of the most in-demand, highly sought after, and beloved A-list actresses in Hollywood right now. 

Her filmography is packed to the brim with exciting new projects in the next few years to come, including more projects that find her donning Wonder Woman‘s signature armor and shield yet again.

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But long before Gal Gadot had taken up the shield, she was a steadily working actress, within both mainstream Hollywood and Israeli film circles. She has worked consistently in the action films, but she’s also dabbled into some different kinds of drama and romantic comedies

The 2016 film Criminal is hardly a high-quality one. Shown alternately in flashbacks to the character’s life, and in the present timeline when she finds herself presented with her harsh new reality, Gal Gadot shines.

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The Israeli sports comedy film Kicking Out Shoshana just may have one of the most startlingly not politically correct plots of a film in recent years.

It’s hard to believe that a film like kicking out Shoshana was made as recently as 2014, but indeed it was. Serving as Gal Gadot‘s first foray into Israeli film, Kicking Out Shoshana finds Gal Gadot assuming the role of the mob boss’s desirable girlfriend

Arguably the role that put Gal Gadot on the map in Hollywood was her tenure as Gisele Yashar (jisayle yaashar) in three of the incredibly popular Fast and Furious films.