Gal Gadot Provides Updates on Red Notice 2 During TUDUM Event

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By Black Widow

During the recent TUDUM fan event, Netflix sat down with Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, and Alia Bhatt to discuss their upcoming action film Heart of Stone.

During the conversation, Gadot also shed light on another action-packed project she is involved in, Red Notice 2. After months of little news, Gadot’s comments indicate that progress is being made on the highly anticipated sequel.

Red Notice 2: A Highly Anticipated Sequel

Gal Gadot Provides Updates on Red Notice 2 During TUDUM Event

Gal Gadot confirms that she has received the script for Red Notice 2 and assures fans that the production team is actively discussing the project. The film features Gadot and Ryan Reynolds as skilled con artists and thieves, joined by Dwayne Johnson reprising his role as an FBI agent. The story follows their quest for valuable artworks to steal and sell for immense profits.

Back-to-Back Filming Plans

Producers Beau Flynn and Hiram Garcia had previously expressed their intention to film Red Notice 2 and Red Notice 3 consecutively. While this approach saves time, it may also impact the release schedule of both movies. Further updates are awaited to confirm if this plan is still in motion.

Success of Red Notice

The first installment of Red Notice exceeded expectations on Netflix, becoming the most-watched movie on its release day and appearing in the Top 10 titles in 94 countries. This overwhelming response prompted Netflix to greenlight two sequels, highlighting the franchise’s popularity among viewers.

Gal Gadot Provides Updates on Red Notice 2 During TUDUM Event

Future Details and Release Dates

Netflix has yet to disclose additional information regarding the production schedule and release dates for the Red Notice sequels. Fans eagerly await further updates from the streaming platform regarding the progress of these highly anticipated films.

During the TUDUM event, Gal Gadot’s revelations about Red Notice 2 have sparked excitement among fans. As progress is made on the script and discussions unfold within the production team, anticipation grows for the return of Gadot, Reynolds, and Johnson in their respective roles.

With the success of the first film, audiences eagerly await further details and release dates for the Red Notice sequels, as Netflix continues to captivate viewers with its action-packed offerings.