“God of War” Director denies involvement of Dwayne Johnson in the TV Series

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By Iron Man

Director Cory Barlog has denied casting Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” in Amazon TV series God of War amid rumors circulating on social media. God of War fans who have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming Amazon TV series adaptation of the popular game will have to wait to have an answer to one of the burning questions about the casting of the iconic character Kratos.

God of War: The Unreliable Source

The rumor suggesting Johnson’s involvement in the God of War TV series was based on an unreliable source. Despite its lack of credibility, the tweet gained significant attention and caused confusion among fans. Barlog’s intervention served as a necessary clarification, putting an end to the speculation surrounding Johnson’s casting.

Barlog Denies Johnson’s Involvement

In a Twitter interaction, God of War director Cory Barlog addressed the rumor surrounding Dwayne Johnson‘s potential casting as Kratos. Barlog, who is also an executive producer on the TV series, stated that he had never heard anything about Johnson being considered for the role. His statement carries weight, as he would likely be involved in discussions regarding casting choices for the show.

Limited Information on the Series

As of now, there is little information available about the God of War TV series. Amazon has not announced a release window, and no actors have been confirmed for the project. It is likely that significant updates will take some time to emerge, but there is a possibility of new information being revealed before the end of 2023.

God of War

The recent rumor of Dwayne Johnson being considered for the role of Kratos in the God of War TV series has been debunked by director Cory Barlog. Fans can rest assured that the rumor was unfounded, as Barlog himself has no knowledge of such considerations. While details about the TV series are still scarce, it is evident that the production is underway, and fans can anticipate further updates in the future.