Hugh Jackman Performing Stunts Without Stunt Double

Plenty of stars have bulked up or undergone insane procedures to remain focused while in character. Hugh Jackman marks himself as one of the most extreme examples of that trend, and he does it every time he plays his most iconic role. When Jackman needs to get ready for a Wolverine film, he dives in head first. Obviously, a huge portion of Jackman’s preparation comes in the form of an intense workout regime and diet, both of which allow the actor to physically prepare for the role.

In honor of Jackman’s final Wolverine film, Loganit’s time to look back on the 17 years Jackman has devoted to this character. The evolution of his career has come alongside the evolution of this character, and Jackman has never missed a step in the role, even when the film around him crumbled. Jackman loves Wolverine, and he’s devoted his body and soul to doing the character justice.

Here are 15 Crazy Ways Hugh Jackman Prepared For Playing Wolverine.

Jackman’s physical preparations for the role of Wolverine are impressive, and they deservedly dominate this list. Of course, Jackman is also an actor, and we all know that they do odd things in the name of authenticity. For Jackman, the character doesn’t really emerge until he’s taken a cold shower, one that gets him good and agitated before he starts filming.

While this doesn’t do anything to Jackman physically, it’s the kind of mental preparation that helps turn a friendly, likable Australian into the agitated, angry Canadian character that Jackman has played so well over the course of his career.

Cold showers aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world, so even this requires some commitment from Jackman, who bears them in order to better understand his character. He wants to inhabit Logan, and become the man who’s lived over 200 years, and seen all sorts of horrors. It’s just another example of his true commitment to the role.

Even many people who consider themselves fit would probably drop their jaws when they heard that Jackman was capable of doing 100 clap pushups in a row. These push-ups are incredibly taxing, as they require pushing your body high enough into the air that you can clap your hands and catch yourself on the way down. A typical person isn’t capable of doing ten clap pushups in a row, let alone 100.

Jackman’s ability to do that insane number suggests not only that he built up incredible strength, but also that he was committed to doing the long and often grueling work required to prepare for the film. It takes a long time to do 100 pushups, and there’s plenty of time for your mind to give in to the pressures of finishing early, or taking the easy way out. Jackman pushed through, and the results were always evident on screen.

Here is our video on Hugh Jack man performing stunts on his own.

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