If Marvel Cast Were To Play Money Heist Characters

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By FilMonger

Money Heist sure a blockbuster hit on Netflix. There are have been vast number of online memes and speculations of the cast could have been replaced by some other actors for fun. So, here at Filmonger, we decided to replace some of the famous Money Heist characters with Marvel actors. Lets see how this goes.

First of, lets see would best suit professor’s character? Álvaro Morte?

It is none other than Robert Downey Junior. Isn’t he the perfect choice?

Úrsula Corberó (Tokio’s character) would best suit Scarlett Johansson!

Itziar Ituño (Raquel Murillo’s character) would best suit Scarlet Witch, right?

And oh my goodness. There is no replacement for this one. Esther Acebo (Monica Gaztambide’s character’s) perfect match is Zendaya

Here is an interesting video depicting how these actors might have looked if they were to play Money Heist characters.