Why Do People Hate Josh Brolin | Thanos Hate

I get the impression that we’re not really prepared for how bad Thanos is going to be in Avengers: Infinity War. Sure, he looks a bit goofy with his big, purple head and oversized glowing gauntlet but, if Josh Brolin’s comments are anything to go by, he’s going to shake up the MCU in a big way.

Brolin was asked by Collider whether he’s prepared to get hated on. This was his response: “Not everyone can be on your side all the time, and that’s ok… If everybody hates me at the end of it… will it be worth it if it’s a great movie? Maybe.”

Most actors playing villains tend to preach the ol’ ‘I’m so misunderstood’ schtick when it comes to their baddie, but Brolin is just expecting full-on hate. He’s bound to bump off a superhero at this rate – I bet it’ll be someone popular, too.

As if Brolin didn’t hammer home Thanos’ nefarious upcoming deeds enough, the actor speaks about how it all relates to The Godfather (yes, really): “The fact that you’re taking an Avengers scenario and you’re turning it into a Godfather thing for us to be able to kind of hang our hat on is great, and to emotionalise the whole thing.”

That could mean many things but, hey, if Thanos turns out to be the Don Corleone of the MCU, and pulling all sorts of strings, then I’m not exactly going to complain.

Here is our video explaining why people might Josh Brolin:

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