Intimate scenes in Hollywood to be created using CGI in COVID-19 era

With social distancing increasingly becoming the new normal, Hollywood studios are planning to create sex scenes using CGI to restrict chances of cast and crew contracting COVID-19 on sets. Hollywood’s movie and TV industry is expected to resume production from June 12, and studios and filmmakers are mulling ways to go forward. According to The Sun, they are totally restructuring intimate sequences. There are plans to tackle sex scenes using CGI, with some being scrapped altogether, reports

As per industry reports, the cast and crew will be tested for coronavirus on a daily basis and given hand-washing tutorials.

The guidelines come in a 22-page document from the film editors’ trade association. It comes after California Governor Gavin Newsom gave a green signal to restart film production from June 12.

The document states that “close contact moments will need to be ‘either rewritten, abandoned or (produced using) CGI.”

Personal Protective Equipment will be required on sets and TV shows, while TV shows will continue to broadcast without live audiences.

The casting directors and actors will be able to resume auditions, but reportedly from behind Plexiglas. The file also suggested “coronavirus compliance officers” at the sets during shoots and auditions.

While TV and film, music productions can resume work from June 12, it remains unclear when actual work will restart.

Written by FilMonger

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